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Director's Blog

March 18, 2012

A Tale of Two Buses

Kay Ethridge's Cuba Bus

While members of the cast and Deadline team have been touring the country on our tour bus, Mark's wife Kay Ethridge has been on a bus tour of her own, leading a mission trip to Cuba. (Her third.) She sent me this photo and email, which she said I could share with you here.

Dear Curt,

I have been on the "Humble Trip" while all of you have been on the "Ego Trip" as you know.  I wanted you to see OUR bus!

Actually, I have enjoyed your blog and after being with Mark this weekend I have learned that instead of being worlds apart as I feared, we have found a lot of common ground in our two distinct experiences the past couple of weeks.  Your trip is a mission too, you have a new family of friends who have bonded under close living quarters and unknown adventure circumstances.  You are spreading a message of hope, forgiveness and reconciliation not so far from us with our sisters and brothers in Christ in Cuba.

Thanks for arranging such a meaningful, exciting and safe journey to promote the artistic creation you and Mark collaborated on...I am not surprised it is resonating with so many people.

A big Cuban HUG!


Sending a big HUG back to Kay, and everyone else lucky enough to have found their mission.