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Director's Blog

March 14, 2012

I thought I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting into when we began planning our 48 city Deadline Premiere Tour, but I was wrong.

Curt Hahn, Pastor Clint Brown, Clyde Duffie and Pastor Paula White
Curt Hahn, Darryl Van Leer, Lauren Jenkens, Pastor Michael Williams, Mark Ethridge, Clay Brocker
Clay Brocker, Mark Ethridge, Pastor Brenda Ray, Bishop Harold Ray, Darryl Van Leer, Curt Hahn, Lauren Jenkins

It’s so much better!

Here’s the secret nobody prepared me for: While most filmmakers send their movies off into the world alone, we get to travel with Deadline and meet our audience every night. And what a gift that is!

Meeting church leaders like Pastor Paula White and Pastor Michael Williams, Pastor Clint Brown, Bishop Harold Ray and Pastor Brenda Ray, all of whom brought appreciative church members to Deadline premieres. Getting to know newspaper leaders like Kevin Riley, Bob Gabordi and Frank Denton and devoted reporters like Jack Bass, Audra Burch and Jill Wejnoska. Connecting with passionate community leaders like Celeste Krueger, Hemphill Pride, Caroline Blackwell, Karen Bradberry, Hank Klibanoff, Todd Cregar and Rachel Alterman Wallack. Hearing the stories of so many remarkable people who’ve been moved by Deadline. Feeling the love as audiences thank us for making Deadline and taking the time to bring it to their communities.

This is beyond gratifying. Everything about Deadline has been a gift to me. And connecting with Deadline’s audience night after night has proven to be the sweetest gift of all.