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Director's Blog

February 26, 2012

Our gratitude to our newspaper hosts knows no bounds.

Deadline Premiere Tour Bus

Without their support our entire release plan of Deadline benefit premieres across the country would not be possible. With their support, we’ve already raised over $30,000 for local charities and we’re just today departing on our bus tour. Doesn’t the bus look great?

Here’s a story that went out nationally from the Scripps Howard News Service.

Film: 'Deadline' rolls out media-savvy story to Southern audiences

And another story that’s been picked up across the country from the AP.

Nashville film inspired by true civil rights story

And then there are the reviews…wow!

'Deadline' is a powerful movie with a conscience

Well-Crafted 'Deadline' Packs Powerful Punch

"4 stars! Deadline  A Redemptive Search for Truth.

These stories and many more are posted on our Press page.